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20 of our favourite retro racing games

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Classic car racing pc game.10 Memorable Classic Racing Games You’ll Get Nostalgic Over

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It was sophisticated for its time and took big steps forward with the graphics, physics and game mode areas. Many young motorsport fans worldwide spent hours at the wheel of touring cars. Debuting inthe arcade game was considered to be one of the milestones in the evolution of the racing game genre.

It was later made available for Sega Saturn and PC. Following extensive development, Gran Turismo hit the shelves in and for PlayStation. It featured cars and 11 race tracks which was a lot at the timewas one of the first to introduce gamers to simulation racing and kicked off one of the biggest game franchises in the world.

This is one of the best and most well-loved game series of all classlc, let facebook for pc windows bit in the racing sector. Classic car racing pc game was addictive, with colourful tracks and iconic characters.

Many say it created the kart-racing sub-genre of video games. Released in by Namco, Pole Position quickly became one of the most popular and successful arcade games in the world.

Gamers had to qualify for a race and then compete against seven other players for gaame victory. It was eventually moved over classic car racing pc game consoles and PC. It was the second game in the Formula 1 franchise and depicted the season. It dacing a considerable step forward compared to its predecessor and proved to be a bestseller ggame the UK. The game featured all of the teams and drivers from that season, as well classic car racing pc game four bonus tracks that gamers would gwme try to unlock.

This game kick-started the long-running Ridge Racer series and was first released as an arcade game inbefore being ported over to PlayStation. It proved to be hugely popular and was classic launch title for the original Playstation. Focusing on the import scene, players would be glued to their TV screens as they attempted to complete the story mode and customised their cars.

It sold over 15 million copies worldwide. MicroProse released GP2 — as it was often known — in It was made under classic car racing pc game FIA license and featured all of the teams, drivers and tracks from the season. It is recognised by some as one of the definitive racing simulations of its era, despite only being released for PC. This was another F1 cpassic only for P.

It was made available from and simulated the Formula 1 season. GP Legends was renowned for its realistic graphics, physics and tough-to-drive cars that made it a challenging title dar tackle. Those are just a few of our favourites. What other racing games did you used to love playing? Let us know conflict pc game free the comments! Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy.

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The Citizen Kane of the bit era. The sheer mental effort involved in racing spaceships 50 times faster than is normal meant that it could be played for no more than twenty minutes before it caused chronic eye-ache and lasting fatigue.

Before each race, a pixelated Senna would cheerily offer sage advice about the track you were about to drive, which made it brilliant. Possibly the most realistic game of its era, it actually felt like you were driving a radio-controlled car in three glorious, isometric dimensions. Though the overwhelmingly irritating soundtrack made you want scratch your ears off. Tough, wobbly 4×4 action endorsed by tough, wobbly 4×4 racer Ivan Stewart. Provided superb multi-player fun, though it was a little Toyotafied – all the trucks were Toyotas, the tracks were plastered with Toyota branding and the pre-race music was a synthed-out version of the « I love what you do for me Toyota » jingle.

Probably the earliest first-person racing game in history, you had to put a plastic car at the bottom of your cathode ray telescreen before tumbling forward between two rows of white dots. It doesn’t sound it, but this was genesis. Massively difficult, but became hugely famous in s arcades for being the first cabinet where you could pretend to do wheelies on a full-size replica dirt bike.

Was therefore the last word in cool. You can’t have a list like this without mentioning the « in no way affiliated to the show you know and love called Top Gear » game called Top Gear. One of the first racing games on the Super Nintendo, it was mainly notable for a bug that let you hit the finishing post to finish the race, bounce off, and finish the race again, thereby bagging « double points ».

It was therefore suitably ambitious and rubbish. Basically Nintendo’s copy of the superior Out Run, this came with 3D glasses, which gave you a headache and didn’t really work properly. Much like today’s 3D tech, really. Another example of how pleased we were by simple innovations back in the early days. It also never seemed to end.

Eye-melting F1 game. Inspired equally rubbish cartoon. Gives you a headache if you play for more than 40 seconds. Unsurprisingly, car selection’s limited to Lotus Espirit Turbos. Painfully difficult sim that features the first 3D polygon driving environment. Only clever kids were any good at it. Which includes none of the Top Gear office. Dangerously moreish 3D F1-style effort and the first to offer split-screen two-player gaming.

You even had to stop for fuel and tyres. There are dragsters. There are jumps. There are turbo boosts. There’s not a lot to hate here. You could even connect two computers and take on another player. Motorcycling game that allows you to punch other riders in the face. Infinitely satisfying to send Gunther spiraling towards a car at mph. Furiously addictive and immeasurably fun. Also had a funky cartridge so you could plug in two extra controllers for four-player goodness.

Eight if you shared. You could even do s. Chasing down baddies in a Porsche – save for their very own Violet Berlin, this is what every young race gamer dreamed of. Scrolly, pursuity brilliance. Creative, ingenious and hilarious karting game that makes all but the soulless smile.

Battle Mode invariably ends in the administration of a dead arm. You even got four radio stations to choose from, each synthing out their own lasersdance electroperas.

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10 Memorable Classic Racing Games You’ll Get Nostalgic Over.

Classic Car Racing will give you the chance to escape the rat race and experience the thrill of driving classic cars from the ‘s’s. There are classic racing games like Midtown Madness and Need for Speed and The game just won’t let you race unless you have a wheel. 20 of our favourite retro racing games · F-Zero. The Citizen Kane of the bit era. · Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco Grand Prix II · Rock n’ Roll Racing · R.C. · Ivan.


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You could even connect two computers and take on another player.

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