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Best gun shooting games for pc

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Epic Games Store offers the best Shooter Games for PC. Download and play these shooting games with friends in online multiplayer or play single player. Our pick of the best free shooters, including tanks, battle royale and free FPS games – all the best free shooting games on the web.

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The granddaddy of blockbuster hits and FPS gaming got a reboot and a modern rebirth in Demons and devils, from a terrible dimension of pain and violence, are gated into ours and must be stopped. Id Software had a really focused vision in its conception of Doom , the game. The aesthetic of the Doom -iverse, then, is specifically hardcore blood and guts. These are demons, after all. They bring hell with them, wherever they go.

And your job, as a space-marine, is to send them back there. It is a fast-paced, brutal gore-fest, but in the best way possible. Doom knows how over-the-top it is. Make no mistake. Although there is a campaign and a story, Doom is a single-player action game made for the thrill of the kill of terrible monsters and the kind of Zen-like rhythm you find yourself in blasting through them and evading, run-and-gun style. The levels and AI are designed for fun for one person, like it was in the old days – only now, with new and eye-popping graphics and a killer soundtrack.

The Battlefield series has been, up until now, more about online PvP play than single-player, story-driven gameplay. It would be a mere twenty-one years before the next World War broke out, overshadowing it and leaving the first to be an almost forgotten bit of history in the modern era. Battlefield 1 gives the player a sense of the early, now-archaic, but functionally recognizable weapons and warfare that made up the battles of WWI.

It does this not with an overarching story, but rather a series of tales in different theatres of the war, each with an emotional arc. But they are more like different episodes, painting an overall picture, than a whole narrative. But the kind of air warfare was propeller-driven bi-planes, and the mechanized weapons were bolt-action rifles and early, version 1 style machine guns.

In one of the missions, you pilot a message-carrying pigeon to deliver valuable information. Battlefield 1 brings those kinds of realities into the first-person experience, which is an interesting take and change from the myriad WWII and modern combat simulations that make up the FPS world. Each vignette, or episode, is told with a human touch. They give the player at once the sense of how massive and spanning the First World War was in scope, and also how it was, like all wars, made up of individual stories of individual people.

Some stories are full of glory and others are full of sadness and tragedy. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , you are a cybernetically enhanced agent, in the mean streets of occupied Prague, set in a burned-out cyberpunk future of technological dystopia.

You play as hyper-manoeuvrable, stealthy, and action-ready protagonist Adam Jensen. As the pot-boiler plot becomes more intricate, and your choices in how you interact with the characters lead to different paths and missions, you discover that you can approach game objectives from a variety of different ways: parkour-like movement through the alleys and rooftops of Prague, hacking security systems and grids, or brute force attacks and assaults.

Eidos Montreal has made it a fluid mix of RPG dialogue choices, action, and stealth. The only complaint from those who have played through its previous installation might be that the game unfolds in much the same way. Action adventure game Dishonored 2 from developer Arkane has done the sequel correctly: by doubling down.

Choose stealth and avoidance or straight-up action, or a mix anywhere in between. Dishonored 2 takes this approach even further. No two games played by any two players, or even played through twice by the same player, will be identical.

You make this choice at the beginning of the game and it is the most consequential decision to make. If the setup to the story seems generic, the action and gameplay is anything but. Overall, it’s an immense package. The best of a crop of unashamedly old-school shooters that have come out in recent years. Plenty of modern games capture the feeling of playing Quake or Doom for the first time, but Dusk is the smoothest, the fastest, the goriest.

It’s like the best of the 90s, but with a few modern-day twists that make it stand out like detailed reload animations and inventive level design. Maps are varied and keep you guessing: one minute, you’re in a spooky old farm, clearing out barns with a shotgun, the next you’re in a science lab that twists back on itself, the walls becoming the floor when you turn your head. Like the best old-school shooters, it’s simply bloody good fun. Beefy weapons turn enemies into a fine red mist, and you zoom through levels as if on roller skates, only pausing to line up the perfect shot.

It’s topped off by a metal soundtrack that refuses to let you quit. It may be old enough to drive and gamble a young Gordon’s student loan fees under a bus, yet despite its age, Half-Life 2 still has a touch of G. This is an all-time shooter masterpiece. Whether you played it on a cutting edge rig on a debuting Steam in , or first sampled its City 17 delights courtesy of Valve’s brilliant Orange Box bundle, the core of Half-Life 2’s greatness remains unblemished.

Few other shooters before or since show such a level of masterly pacing. From the extra chilling Cold War opening vibes of that iconic plaza to the zombie-mangling Gravity Gun fun of Ravenholm, Half-Life 2 shuffles between thematic genres with unerring grace.

He may never say a word, but Gordon Freeman’s actions carry more weight than pretty much every Call of Duty character combined. It may not be the most important game in the series — that nod goes to the iconic third entry — but Far Cry 6 is still a superior shooter. Does it still lean heavily on a lot of well-worn Ubisoft tropes? Yet look past the dinky dachshund sidekicks named after a Spanish sausage and the typically assured, if samey stealth, and you’ll find an FPS that feels like a much needed turning point for Far Cry.

New additions like the Supremo Backpacks open up creative new avenues for both sneaky and explosive chaos, further enlivening Far Cry’s already intoxicating power fantasy. Better yet? With the introduction of freedom fighter Dani — who you can actually see, listen to and emote alongside in third-person cutscenes — Far Cry has finally given us a protagonist who’s actually worth rooting for.

And all it took was half a dozen entries. When it comes to sandbox shooters, few do madcap spectacle better than Far Cry 6. Never has a game so intelligent tried so hard to look like an idiot, or been so screamingly funny with it.

On Bulletstorm ‘s surface, you’ll find a brash, knowing, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, sitting on a layer of the most gloriously creative cursing you’ve ever heard in a video game. Beneath, you’ll find one of the densest, most detailed, widest branching FPS systems ever devised.

The genius of Bulletstorm lies with its Skillshots. Imagine if a new Tony Hawk’s game served up tricks but replaced every Ollie and kickflip with increasingly gruesome ways of mangling mutants and you’re pretty much there. Boot a dude in the balls then kick his head off. Launch some men into orbit with an alt-fire rocket, then pick them out of the sky like they were clay pigeons.

Shunt every second enemy you meet into a cactus, because there’s literally always a life-affirmingly sharp cactus lying around. What stings even more than the plant-based murder, though? The sad fact that we’ll probably never see such a brash, bright or commendably crude FPS like this again. The best Call of Duty campaign ever made… and it’s not close. Dragging the series kicking and screaming from the bloody and muddied trenches of WWII, Modern Warfare re-energized an FPS juggernaut with a breakneck, perfectly paced campaign that’s been copied by countless other military shooters since, yet never been remotely matched.

Kicking down doors with the iconic Captain Price in an electrifying, rain-lashed tanker infiltration. Watching in scarcely believable horror as the character you’ve played half the game as gets vaporised by a pesky little mushroom cloud. Holding your actual breath as a sniping duo scuttle through the tall, grassy fields and empty, echoing playgrounds of Pripyat in the all-timer of a mission, ‘All Ghillied Up’. The original Modern Warfare is so good, you could throw every other COD at it and the remastered FPS would still boast more memorable moments than the entire series combined.

How to describe Borderlands 3 … you could say it’s the underlying principles of the first and second Borderlands wrapped up in a more pristine shell. With its heavy emphasis on loot, loot, and more loot, Borderlands 3 drowns players in a sea of guns with varying abilities and stats including a gun that shoots saw blades, and one you can throw like a boomerang while it carries on firing, wounding anyone nearby , conveniently color-coded by rarity.

The colorful cast of characters breaks away from the traditional « fighter, wizard, rogue » archetypes, and each hero is memorable in their own right.

It doesn’t quite have the character of Borderlands 2. We miss Krieg. Oh, Krieg, you crazy barbarian poet. And none of Borderlands 3’s villains fill us with anger the way Handsome Jack did.

But in terms of shooting and looting, preferably in co-op, it still stands as the zenith of the Borderlands formula. PUBG is the game that spawned the battle royale craze. Technically, it wasn’t the first battle royale game, but it popularized the staples of the genre we all recognize: randomized gear spread out on a big map; a starting plane from which players parachute; and an ever-shrinking play zone.

A lot has changed since it first came out, and now it’s more polished, with a variety of maps that cater to all play styles, and it’s free-to-play at a baseline. On the biggest maps, you might go long stretches without seeing another player, and it’s that pacing, and the lethality of the realistic bullet physics, that set PUBG apart from the crowd. You can play with a squad of friends, but it’s always those nail-biting, stealthy solo moments that stick with me.

Ever since its debut as an expansive Half-Life mod, the Counter-Strike series has constantly stayed on top of the competitive shooter scene. Each map is meticulously crafted to allow for myriad tactics requiring varying degrees of skill, and the lovingly modeled guns in your expansive arsenal all have minutiae in their firing rates and recoil that can only be learned through experience. The staying power of CS:GO is unreal, and screams volumes for its enduring qualities.

This Nazi murder sim is smarter than it sounds. The guns are big, loud, and turn members of the Third Reich into bloody pulps, and the more bullets you pump out, the better.

The ability to dual-wield any two weapons also makes New Colossus feel different than other old-school shooters. Most impressive of all is the narrative.

You get to know more about the series’ broken hero BJ Blazkowicz than ever before through an origin story that’s not afraid to get dark, and a talented cast somehow manages to pull off a tale that pirouettes between the serious and the absurd. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Free. Zombs Royale Game Free. Halo: Spartan Assault Lite Free. Real Steel Robot Transformer Free. Flip the Gun! Occupation VR Free. Stickman Fight Shadow Free. Mr Bullet Free.

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Best gun shooting games for pc free –

Epic Games Store offers the best Shooter Games for PC. Download and play these shooting games with friends in online multiplayer or play single player. Our pick of the best free shooters, including tanks, battle royale and free FPS games – all the best free shooting games on the web.


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