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Game strategy offline pc. The 12 Best Offline Strategy Games to Play

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Game strategy offline pc –


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The 12 Best Offline Strategy Games to Play.


Luckily for you, I’ve done the hard work—once my internet was back, I made it my mission to find out which games you can play without internet. Obviously, I couldn’t test everything, but I’ve tried to pick a variety that should help see you through any number of connection woes.

Most launchers have an offline mode, allowing you to start them without internet access, but even so, not all games will run if they don’t have a connection. Most games will also need to be launched at least once with a connection present to work.

It’s also worth noting that for games that receive regular updates, make sure these have been downloaded and installed wherever possible to play them offline. Even if you’ve finished the main story, there’s plenty of side stuff to keep any Viking busy.

Hades opens in new tab Platform: Steam Something as simple as an internet connection—or lack of—is not going to stop the Immortal Prince of the Underworld. Good news if you fancy jumping into this fast-paced action roguelike. Final Fantasy The Zodiac Age opens in new tab Platform: Steam Final Fantasy 12 moved away from the turn-based combat of previous games and opted for the love-it-or-hate-it Gambit system. Set in the world of Ivalice, you’ll soon be taking on the Archadian Empire with Balthier, Fran, and others in an effort to save the world.

Valheim opens in new tab Platform: Steam This co-op survival game set in the Viking afterlife has loads to do, and you can play at the pace you choose.

Obviously, the co-op won’t work without an internet connection, but there’s nothing to stop you from playing solo and living your best Viking afterlife. While Path of Exile and Diablo 3 won’t work offline, Grim Dawn allows you to smash demons in the face without a connection. Divinity: Original Sin 2 opens in new tab Platform: Steam If you’ve never found the time to strike this from your backlog, now might be it. This vast, story-rich RPG should keep you busy for however long you need—though you might find it difficult to tear yourself away once you’ve started.

The Witcher 3 opens in new tab Platform: You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no such thing as playing The Witcher 3 too many times. Crusader Kings 3 opens in new tab Platform: Paradox launcher You might have been put off playing this historical grand-strategy from Paradox because of its complexity, but if you’ve got time to kill, it’s well worth jumping into.

You’ll be guiding your medieval dynasty through peasant revolts and Viking invasions in no time. Dishonored 2 opens in new tab Platform: Steam If you fancy your chances as a stealthy supernatural assassin, taking down targets in Dishonored 2 is a great way to pass the time.

Players can manage their own team of recruits and their individual skills, build facilities to unlock new abilities, and even strategize the best ways to increase support from the populace. There’s a lot more to this strategy video game than its trailers let on. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and their Rabbid counterparts each have their own strengths and weaknesses which encourage players to experiment and try new strategies instead of relying on their personal favorite.

The game also has local two-player multiplayer which adds a lot more replayability after the initial campaign is completed. CastleStorm is a popular mash-up of the real-time tower defense and destruction video game genres that will appeal to anyone who’s ever played Angry Birds and found themselves wishing the pacing was faster and more explosive. CastleStorm is available on all modern consoles however the Definitive Editions on PS4 and Xbox One contain more content and improved graphics.

In CastleStorm , players must build and protect their castles by managing their medieval armies and casting magic spells at their attacking enemies. The controls are very simple and are easy to learn for all skill levels while the light-hearted story mode will keep young helicopter gamers entertained while adults play. Download CastleStorm for your platform.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the fourth entry in the popular Valkyria Chronicles series of turn-based strategy games but it’s considered more of a direct sequel to the first game than the third due to being set within the same time period. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is very much equally a roleplaying game as it is a strategy game with players taking control of a group of friends and guiding them through both personal and tactical decisions and even participating in the occasional third-person shooter action sequence.

The hand-drawn art style will appeal to fans of anime and manga series , however, those looking for an offline strategy game with a satisfying story will also find a lot to enjoy here.

Download Valkyria Chronicles 4 for your platform. Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation strategy game that allows gamers to experience the life and career of game developers from starting out in your garage to opening your own major gaming studio.

Players get to partake in every major decision involved in game making such as pitching ideas, researching new tech, responding to negative and positive game reviews, and even firing employees. This is a sim game with a difference. Download Game Dev Tycoon for your platform.

Pocket City is a very solid city building game for iOS and Android devices that will appeal to fans of Sim City and other similar strategy games. In Pocket City , players are given complete control of a city’s development and must build roads, utilities, entertainment sites, and residential areas to help encourage people to move into and stay in the new metropolis. This game features a very simple design aesthetic that makes things easy to see on small screens and Pocket City’s in-game mission list will keep players continually building and adjusting their creations.

Free and paid versions are available on Android while iOS users will need to buy the game outright before using. Download Pocket City for iOS. Download Pocket City for Android. Thronebreaker’s price feels expensive considering it was originally going to be a free mode in Gwent.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is part digital card game, part roleplaying, and part strategy game set within the fantasy world of The Witcher, a popular book and video game series. Like the main Witcher titles, Thronebreaker features a strong emphasis on interactive story elements and character interactions but differs by replacing most of the combat with the digital card game, Gwent.

There’s some genuine strategy required in all aspects of Thronebreaker and the game introduces new mechanics at a gradual pace so the player never feels too overwhelmed. The main story campaign will keep most people busy for well over 24 hours of playtime and there’s a lot to uncover for those that take their time.

Enemy Within is completely standalone though and features a full storyline, maps, characters, and weapons for iOS and Android users to enjoy. Fans of turn-based action strategy titles will enjoy XCOM: Enemy Within while science fiction enthusiasts will be especially satisfied with its story, characters, and atmospheric world.

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