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– Best old pc games

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– 23 Classic PC Games From The 90s That Dominated An Era

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Best old pc games. The 20 best classic PC games everyone needs to try

Hexen: Beyond Heretic. (Image credit: id Software). Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. (Image credit: GT Interactive Software).


Great PC Games You Should Play Before You Die – PC World Australia.

Resident Evil 2. (Image credit: Capcom). Final Fantasy 8. Doom · Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings · Half-Life · Diablo · Command & Conquer · Quake · Duke Nukem 3D · Lemmings.


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If you’ve never tried them before, now’s the perfect time — and if you have, they’re well worth a replay. When Interplay disappeared into the wasteland, the series rights went to Bethesda, which reworked it from top to bottom.

Unlike its predecessors, Fallout 3 put players in a first-person perspective and incorporated shooter elements in order to make the title more accessible.

Players were wary of the changes, but once they dug a little deeper, they discovered that Fallout 3 had all the hallmarks of the series: the enormous world, the deep character customization, the branching narrative and more. Far Cry 5 came out recently, and the reviews have been polite.

The gameplay works like gangbusters, but the setting doesn’t feel fully realized. Reviewers pointed out — correctly — that Far Cry 2 handled the balance between chaotic open-world gameplay and a politically charged story much better. Taking control of a mercenary in a fictional Central African country, players face off against a Nietzschean arms dealer called the Jackal, for whom death and destruction is its own reward.

The FPS gameplay is tight and varied, but more important, the setting feels realistic and explores colonialism’s complicated legacy in Africa. There’s no denying that the two sequels to The Witcher are better games than the first. By today’s standards, The Witcher is a little clunky and slow-paced.

However, if you can deal with the game’s steep learning curve, you’ll be rewarded with an eclectic cast of likable characters, an unpredictable story that changes with your choices, satisfying combat mechanics and a deep character advancement system.

Players take control of Geralt of Rivia: a witcher monster hunter who has lost his memories, but can perhaps regain them if he pursues the wraith-like entity known as the King of the Wild Hunt. Even once you get past the memorable intro video, however, there’s a lot to like about Civilization IV. As in other games in this turn-based strategy series, you’ll take control of a powerful civilization, led by a charismatic ruler, as you guide your tribe from humble beginnings in the Stone Age into interstellar glory in the near future.

The late, great Leonard Nimoy provides narration. When it first came out, Psychonauts was what one could charitably call a « cult classic » — and, uncharitably, a « flop.

You play as Raz: a young psychic, sent away to a summer camp for kids with supernatural mental powers. The real draw, however, is the diverse array of levels you’ll tackle, including a suburban conspiracy thriller and a Mexican black-velvet bullfight. First-person shooters and horror games don’t generally mix, but in F. This site makes it onto the list simply for its classic appeal. RGB Classic Games allows you to play DOS classics within your browser, offers compatibility utility for those with issues running any older games on their machines, and offers a respectable amount of games to enjoy which include non-DOS titles like Diablo and Final Fantasy.

The site itself was pulled together by a number of notable classic game developers and created with a noticeably old school vibe. Your email address will not be published. What is Abandonware? Our Recommendation. Everyone Else. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. App Name. Link to App. Thanks for your submission, we will consider your entry next time this post is updated.

If you would like to expedite the addition of your listing, you may purchase our Expedited Delivery for addition within one week. At least, not after Deus Ex established the immersive sim genre almost single-handedly. Before this game, first-person games were basically just shooters. This game is so beloved by fans and developers that we can almost thank this one game for everything that Arcane has ever made.

If you enjoyed the Dishonored games then this is absolutely worth a shot. At the same time, it is such an easy formula to fall short on, even decades after Deus Ex showed us how it was done. Deus Ex is a cyberpunk dystopian conspiracy thriller. You play as a counter-terrorist agent named JC Denton who gets wrapped up in a massive conspiracy involving nanomachines, the Illuminati, and much more in this frightening depiction of a reality we could easily see coming true.

This was one of the earliest titles that allowed you to solve missions in whatever way you wanted. Dues Ex is such a complex, mechanics-driven experience it would be impossible to accurately describe in just a few sentences. It plays a little clunkily today and is no doubt hard on the eyes, but it still offers an experience limited only by your tools and creativity to use them.

Just like BioWare, you can expect at least one more mention of the once-infallible Blizzard on this list. First up, the action RPG that got us all hooked on colored loot so many years ago, Diablo 2. Before this game hit our desktops, isometric RPGs were slow and methodical.

The way it changed up action RPGs, with a heavy emphasis on loot as well as character progression, was a breath of fresh air, but also one that lent itself to so much replayability that people stuck with it for years.

Now we do have Diablo 3, and a fourth on the way at some point in the future, plus spiritual sequels like Path of Exile, but there are still plenty of reasons to go back and see where it all really took shape. However, the magic of Diablo 2 was that it came at a time before those systems could be exploited through things like micro-transactions, DLC, and balance changes.

This was during that small window when these types of games had to hold up on their own in perpetuity. The difficulty curve is buttery smooth naturally but can be spiked up to extreme levels when you reach the end game content.

There are plenty of classes to try out that all have their own unique mechanics and progression systems to play with, but no matter what you pick the simple act of watching your character wipe out dozens of mobs swarming you with a single spell or attack and watching the loot spill to the ground is always satisfying. It merges FPS gameplay with RPG elements in an open-ended world that begs you to play with and experiment with the systems to create your own solutions to problems.

However, System Shock 2 is a bit more linear, and a lot more horror-focused. Again, this game is responsible for a ton of spiritual successors and imitators, with the obvious ones being the Bioshock series, the first of which alone is a worthy entry in the genre System Shock 2 helped bring to the table. If you played Bioshock, then the premise of System Shock 2 may sound a little familiar. As you explore the vast ship environments, you can use melee weapons, guns, and different skills like hacking and psionic powers you can level up using cyber modules you earn as you go.

Look what we have here: another Blizzard game. This one could technically be a toss-up between StarCraft and WarCraft 3, but in the end, it was StarCraft that had the edge in terms of being the better of the two RTS games in our eyes. Seriously, this game came out in and still has a competitive scene going for it.

Oh, and naturally custom games and mods turn StarCraft into, well, almost anything you could want at this point. You will still be doing your normal RTS thing, gathering resources, building different buildings, and pumping out units to send out to clash against your opponent, but StarCraft just makes it all feel so good to do.

The game is so responsive and easy to manage on keyboard and mouse. The design is also rife for expression in strategy and tactical plays, which is why it is still played so much even today. Before Ubisoft established its open-world formula and started slapping it on any franchise it owned, Far Cry 2 was not at all the tired open-world checklist most people know it to be today.

While the first game in the series was somewhat of a generic FPS title, Far Cry 2 took some major chances in basically every way it could. For one thing, this game is hard. Like, really hard. Heck, even poorly maintained weapons could explode in your hands, but the real kicker was the malaria mechanics. Set in the African wilderness, your character starts the game already suffering from deadly malaria.

This is more than just a plot device, however, as you need to manage the sickness within you by locating and taking medicine before it does you in. Your map, as another example, is not a menu.

To navigate the world, your character pulls up a physical map in front of them you need to parse out and determine which direction you need to go. Your cart is empty. On sale. The Hobbit – Digital Download. View all products on sale. View product details. Dune – Digital Download 1.

Emperor: Battle for Dune – Digital Download 1. Star Trek: Armada – Digital Download 1.

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