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Koei Tecmo Is Still Pretending Dead Or Alive Xtreme Doesn’t Exist.: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball : Video Games

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Dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball pc game –

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Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball brings the babes from the Dead Or Alive fighting game series and puts them in skimpy bikinis as you play volleyball. Choose a girl to partner up with, and compete in the Venus Festival together! By winning your way through various beach volleyball tournaments, you’ll have an.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Pc Download.Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Wikipedia

Jan 23,  · What is Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball? It’s a volleyball game with very little volleyball. It’s a poorly designed casino. It’s a virtual pinup calendar that could have used some more variety. Download this game play on PC (Windows, Mac): Here. The girls of Dead or Alive are back and better than ever in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. But this time around the girls are throwing on their bikinis to go head-to-head in outrageous games of beach volleyball. Nov 04,  · Thursday, Nov 04 AM. Version: Final Release. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Free Download With Xbox Emulator Repacklab Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Free Download Xbox Emulator Repacklab We can’t wait to see what else the girls from the Dead or Alive franchise like to do in their free time, because it’s clear from.


– Dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball pc game


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Dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball pc game –


The game was a departure from the rest of the Dead or Alive series which otherwise consisted of fighting games. It also marked the first game in the series to have a Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. The game is set immediately after the tournament in Dead or Alive 3 ended. Gameplay revolves around the women of the DOA series playing various mini-games in the many locations of Zack Island, a reclusive private resort on an island owned by Zack , the only male character from the series to appear anywhere in the game.

This installment features no fighting engine, instead being much like a simulation game that encourages the player to establish relationships with the AI of characters, and eventually make a two-person team to compete in volleyball competitions.

Currency earned from completing mini-games and gambling in the island’s casino allows the player to purchase hundreds of different swimsuits to wear in the game. Its sequel, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 , was released on November 13, , exclusively for the Xbox In the main story mode, players select a woman to play as for the duration of their two-week period. Since the volleyball matches in the game are always two on two, the player automatically begins with a partner.

Each day, players can select one activity in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. While players do have an opportunity to simply relax during these time periods, they are generally used to either court new partners, or to challenge existing partnerships to a game of volleyball.

Winning a match provides money which can be used to buy swimsuits and accessories, either for oneself, or as gifts to bestow upon the other women. Alternatively, players can also earn money through gambling at a casino located on the island. Playing volleyball is done primarily through the use of two buttons, one designated for spiking and blocking, and the other for receiving or setting. As many of the actions happen automatically e.

While it is possible to manually direct one’s partner towards or away from the net, she will generally move to cover whichever area the player has left empty. The game is one of the few to make use of the analog sensitivity of the face buttons on the Xbox controller, with a softer touch allowing one to barely hit the ball over the net.

In addition to the core volleyball mechanic, the game features a relationship system between the various women on the island. Through gifts and skillful play, players can induce other characters to increase their esteem and positive feelings toward the character being played.

A positive relationship with one’s partner can translate into better performance during a volleyball match, while strong relationships with the other women leads to opportunities for new partners. Conversely, negative feelings from a partner can lead to missteps on the court, or can lead to gifts being thrown away unopened. All money carries over between vacations, so that unspent « Zack bucks » can be used by a different character selected on the next play-through.

Similarly, all swimsuits acquired by a given character remain with that character for all future play sessions. Since each character has access to a different set of swimsuits at the shop, the majority of suits for each character can only be acquired as gifts. Many of the costumes are very revealing and make the women appear almost nude in some instances. This, coupled with the suggestive poses the women present themselves in which can be viewed and zoomed in on from almost any angle, as controlled by the player led to the first Mature rating in the series’ history.

While the game is entirely played with Japanese voiceovers, the story cutscenes are played with English and Japanese voiceovers. The playable characters consist of seven females from the previous Dead or Alive titles, plus Lisa, who makes her first appearance in this title. Zack voiced by Dennis Rodman is not a playable character but appears in the game’s beginning and ending cinematics, with small appearances throughout the game.

His girlfriend, Niki voiced by Kari Wahlgren , appears only in cutscenes. As such, the volleyball players consist of:. Each of the playable characters has her own likes and dislikes documented in the game manual , which influence how likely she is to accept or be impressed by certain gifts.

Favorable gifts include those based on her favorite food, favorite color, and hobbies. In order to suit the lighter, more playful nature of the game, the Dead or Alive characters’ previous rivalries were reduced to just a general dislike in this title. As a result, even characters who would normally try to kill another such as Ayane and Kasumi, or Christie and Helena can become fast friends through a brief exchange of gifts. Zack gambles his winnings from the Dead or Alive 3 tournament at a casino.

In the process, he hits the jackpot, earning a ridiculously large sum of money. The money is used to purchase a private island, which he promptly turns into a resort named after himself « Zack Island ».

He then invites the women from the previous tournament along with one newcomer — his girlfriend, Niki to his island under the pretense that the next Dead or Alive tournament will be held there. The women arrive and after discovering the truth, namely that it was merely a hoax decide to make the best of the situation by spending two weeks vacationing on the island.

At the end of the two-week time period, the ladies depart, leaving only Zack and Niki on the island. Shortly thereafter, a volcano, previously thought to be inactive, spontaneously erupts, threatening to destroy Zack’s island. In the chaos, Niki escapes using Zack’s jetpack. Zack survives the volcanic eruption, but the island itself is completely destroyed. While not part of the game itself, Zack’s later Dead or Alive 4 ending shows the pair robbing an ancient tomb and escaping with a truck filled with gold, suggesting a possible financing source for a sequel.

In the sequel, it is confirmed that this is indeed the source for financing « New Zack Island ». During Dead or Alive 2’s development, the fan base requested Team Ninja to add a beach volleyball mini game as other fighting games had similar mini games.

After Dead or Alive 3’s release, the staff later decided to create the beach volleyball game as a standalone game. Reviewers were mostly positive, especially to the depth of the volleyball game, as well as with the high quality of the visuals and animation.

In its review, Edge focused on the game’s unusual social, rather than adversarial, focus. And that’s the most important thing It’s a poorly designed casino. It’s a virtual pinup calendar that could have used some more variety.

It’s a shopping simulation. And, perhaps most of all, DOA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a graphical showcase that makes for a pretty uneventful game « . In Japan, the game sold over , copies during its release week including 73, copies on its launch day. In January , Tecmo sued Ninjahacker. The site included custom skins that made the game’s characters fully nude.

Tecmo said the lawsuit was necessary to « uphold the integrity of our work », while a lawyer for the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation said the suit was « absurd » and that the site’s offerings were « completely legal ». From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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