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Home Home. Most games available in the Microsoft Store on your Windows device support offline play, but check the details of the game to make sure yours is supported by searching for your game at:. While playing offline, some features, such as the ability to purchase additional items from the Microsoft Store, will not be available.

Additionally, any leaderboards will be unavailable while you’re offline. Collapse all. If you earn any achievements while playing offline, they will sync to your account the next time you sign in to the Xbox network on your device. Cloud saves and offline game play. Before you go offline, connect to the Xbox network to sync your most recent game save to the cloud. Game save sync is usually fast, but allow a couple of minutes before you try playing on another device.

How to enable offline play on your device. Note You can only change your designated offline device three times per year.

Prepare your device. You can only have one device as your designated offline device. Open the Microsoft Store. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner. Select App settings , and then under Offline permissions , make sure that the toggle is set to On. Prepare your game or games. See the steps above for details on how to do this. Launch the game you want to play offline. When prompted, sign in to Xbox. Repeat this process for each game you want to play offline. Once completed, you can go offline at any time and launch those games whenever you want to play them, without needing to sign in online each time.

Note PC Game Pass game licenses expire after 30 days when playing offline, and licenses for owned games expire after 14 days. To keep playing your game offline, go back online and launch the game. Collapse all Frequently asked questions. How do I know that my game supports offline play? You need to be online while you do this, and while you launch the game before going offline.

I no longer want my device set as my designated offline device. How do I remove it? Open the Store. Select App settings , and then under Offline permissions , make sure that the toggle is set to Off. To remove the designation: Under the details of the device, select Remove offline play. Select Confirm to confirm and remove this as your designated offline device. Note This will count as one of your three changes per year.

Is my experience the same? For more info on how to use your Xbox console offline, visit:. Using your Xbox console offline. Did this resolve the issue? Yes No. Related topics. Still need help? Request a call, chat online, and more. Contact us If contact us isn’t working the way you expect, try the disability answer desk option on this page. Disability answer desk Accessible help and resources to get your Xbox questions answered. Get answers.



Lenovo laptop windows 10 pc offline games.The 10 Best Offline Games for Free


Nothing’s more annoying than trying to play your favorite mobile game and realizing you can’t because you don’t have an internet connection. Sadly, more and more games today require Wi-Fi to play, even if you don’t want to use the online features.

Aside from taking place in the same universe, Fallout Shelter has little to do with its namesake. Based on the wildly popular Fallout series, Fallout Shelter tasks players with protecting their own population of nuclear apocalypse survivors.

Manage your resources wisely to help humanity thrive once again. Fans of games like Civilization and StarCraft will surely love this simulator. The gorgeous art style will make you want to keep playing just to see what the next level looks like. Badland is beautiful to look at and a blast to play. Players are tasked with helping a group of endearingly ugly critters navigate a dark forest full of deadly traps and puzzles.

The realistic graphics are almost unbelievable. Asphalt 8 looks more like a PS4 title than your average mobile game. The Asphalt series has become synonymous with mobile racing games. The eighth installment features 40 new tracks to tear up with dozens of new cars. Complete challenges to earn upgrades and customize your vehicle.

You can race against the A. Like Badland , Shadow Fight 2 has a distinctive art style that sets it apart from the competition. This one-on-one fighting game with RPG elements emphasizes strategy and fast reflexes over brute force. Players can choose from an array of weapons, or they can go into battle with only their bare fists.

Playing Infinity Loop is a great way to relieve stress while you’re waiting at the bus stop or the dentist office. Infinity Loop was designed to help people unwind. The goal of this deceptively simple puzzle game is to create unique shapes by connecting dots. Since there’s no timer, you can easily stop and resume gameplay at any time. While there are plenty of imitators, no other tower defense game can compete with the addictive gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 2.

The zombie craze seems to have come and gone, but the Plants vs Zombies games still hold up nearly a decade after their initial release. If you haven’t played it, PvZ is a creative twist on the tower defense genre in which players must defend their garden against an army of vegetarian zombies. Plants vs Zombies 2 is free to download for Android and iOS. Instead of snowboarding, the titular character must now go sand-surfing through a vast desert.

The user interface looks downright shoddy, but if you’re playing with a group of people it’s not an issue. Trivia games are always great for long car trips, social gatherings, or family fun nights.

Quizoid offers different modes so you can play with a group of people or just test your own knowledge. When you download Quizoid for Android or iOS, the game stores all of the questions on your device, so you never need a Wi-Fi connection to play. The realistic character animations and diverse gameplay modes will draw you in and make you feel like a real soccer tycoon. Dream League Soccer isn’t your average mobile sports game.

It allows players to build their own leagues, teams, and stadiums to live out their booking fantasies. Choose from a cast of real-life FIFPro players to represent your brand, then test your own against other players online, or play offline against the A. Since the A. If you want to practice your poker game, but you don’t have any cards, money or friends, Texas Holdem Offline Poker has you covered. While the game features an interactive tutorial for novices, the A. Place virtual bets and participate in mock tournaments to polish your poker skills without risking your life’s savings.

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Download Fallout Shelter. Download Badland. Download Asphalt 8: Airborne. Download Shadow Fight 2. Download Infinity Loop. Download Plants vs Zombies 2. Download Alto’s Odyssey. Download Quizoid. Download Dream League Soccer. Download Texas Holdem. Was this page helpful?

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